Advancing the Principles of Ageless Marketing and Exceeding Expectations while Battling Ageism

Like the phoenix of legend rising from the ashes, aging Baby Boomers are joining the ranks of the Silent and Greatest Generations to create a New Consumer Majority...the youth market of yesterday no longer dominates consumerism. 


Those following the advertising and marketing paradigms grounded in yesterday’s youth market are more likely to experience lagging sales, rising numbers of disgruntled customers and declining market share. Future success will require learning the rules that guide successful communications across generations.  

Consultation on Marketing and Operational Strategies

  • Creating new strategies to attract more Boomers and older consumers; or apply ageless techniques to reach multiple generations.       
  • Reviewing marketing materials and recommending changes to improve response rates, readability and retention.              
  • Facilitating board retreats, strategy, visioning and culture change sessions.
  • Facilitating exploratory and problem solving focus groups.       
  • Providing guidance on positioning and creating empowered cultures in senior living communities and nonprofit aging services organizations.     

Educational Programs & Workshops         

  • Ageless Marketing            
  • Myths and Realities of Aging            
  • Majority Rules - understanding and attracting Boomers and Beyond  
  • Culture Change  
  • What You Should Know About Brain Health and Fitness  
  • Customer Service   


Keynote Addresses


What Everyone Should Know About Brain Fitness

Fear of Alzheimer's Disease is at the top of most lists as people approach later life. Sadly, this fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy resulting in exactly what we fear.. This presentation provides  a state-of-the-art review of brain fitness programs and  the importance of a whole person plan to maintain and improve cognitive abilities.


New Rules . . .the bottom line benefits of ageless marketing
A wake-up call for a changing market place. This upbeat presentation explores why research and advertising may no longer deliver the expected results and what you should be doing to adopt new approaches to branding, building your teams, and increasing your sales. Discover how the rules have changed and the new tools available to succeed in a market that is more senior than junior for the first time in U.S. history.

 Battling Ageism - Embracing the Power of Positive Aging

A humorous and educational journey through aging stereotypes that could be costing your business. Learn how the brain processes incoming information and why the terms you use could be building a wall that prevents consumers from even considering your offers.


Other Topics:

  • Ageism
  • The Benefits of Hiring Older Workers
  • Positive Aging
  • Customer Service
  • Creating Empowered Cultures
  • Aging Brands & Re-Branding Aging
  • Managing Change