Battling Ageism and Promoting Ageless Marketing for Three Decades

In the last 35 years, Dick Ambrosius has helped clients in 49 states attract and improve services to Baby Boomers and older adults. From pioneering work battling ageism and countering aging stereotypes, guiding culture change and guiding branding and repositioning using ageless marketing principles, his visionary strategies and recommendations have been ahead of the curve.


His hands-on experience as a nonprofit area agency on aging executive, senior living marketing executive, entrepreneurial small businessman, author and motivator has enhanced his holistic vision of the maturing marketplace. He has assisted senior living communities launch repositioning plans, designed cultural change programs and improved sales and marketing. He has trained thousands of area agency on aging personnel and their service providers, financial services sales professionals, senior living sales and marketing persons, and businesses committed to improving customer service. 


If you are seeking a creative and visionary marketing strategist, consultant, motivational speaker or educational workshop leader or need assistance with strategy, a review of existing sales/marketing materials, or learning new concepts and programs to improve services to or attract age 50 plus consumers, look no further.

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